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Human Geography, Part-1

Human Geography, Part-1
Human Geography
1. which  situation belongs to that part ocean which is deeper than the littoral region but shallower than abyssal region- Pelagic Situation

2. Diego-garcia island is an example of - Pelagic Situation

3. Isthmian situation is described as - A narrow strip of land adjoining two large areas.

4. Gibraltar, Malta,aden,singapore and Bombay are examples of - Pontine Situation.

5. The theory of industrial location on the basis of empirical data was firmly established by- Alfred Weber.

6. Regional location recognised by white and red include - Central Location, Adjacent and Peripheral Location and Strategic location.

7. Peripheral location means - A narrow based but protected frontier along the sea.

8. White and Rennes divided the strategic location as- Focal strategic location, Portal land and nodal strategic location, Imdustrial strategic location.

9. Nodal strategic location found - A arid deserts or at the terminal points of caravan routes where the population is restricted to the aosis.

10. A location is defined as a compact from- When all the surface is contiguous and approximately equidistant from a common centre.

11. Japan is a classical presentative of - Fragmented form.

12. An area is prorupted when- It exhibits one or more protuberance extending outward from its main central portion. 

13. If the surface of an area is extended along an single axis it is said to have -Elongated form.

14. The existence of Bangladesh with in the Indian republic might be dated as illustration of-  Perforated form.

15.  About 71% of the whole surface of the globe is covered with- Waters.

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