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Top 5 stunning mountain

Thousands of diversity across the globe. When one day in another country, then a night in another country. In one country, every time people sleep in the winter to see the moon waving through the window, everyone else in other countries may be troubled by the heat of the sun!

Similarly, the diversity of the Earth is in the formation of its land. Somewhere has gone down, and others stand higher than anywhere else. The name of this tall part of the lands is the mountain.

The mountain is the mountain, what kind of it is! That's not exactly right. There are some mountains on which to look once and do not wish to remove the eyes. Some of the mountains are the story today.

1. Alps Mountains

Alps Mountains
Alps Mountains
The Alps Mountains, standing in 1,200 kilometers across the borders of France, Germany, Switzerland, and several European countries. Most of the mountain ranges that were born thousands of years ago are more than 4,000 meters high. Not only this, there is a considerable influence on Europe's culture and the climate of this mountain.

2. Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu
Machu Picchu
These mountains, which are standing across the 2,430-meter area, mean the name 'Old Man'. This place of the famous Peruvian was probably the King's Palace of Inca civilization. The Inca civilization was developed in the 15th century. And that is why the name of this mountain - 'The Lost City of Inca Civilization'. Perhaps in 1,450 Inca built this palace.

Because of its historic importance, Machu Picchu was brought under UNESCO World Heritage in 1983. However, this amazingly beautiful place is not just a matter of natural disasters, but also the additional observers are at risk.

3. The Valley of Ten Pix

The Valley of Ten Pix
The Valley of Ten Pix
The 'Valley of Ten Picks' in Canada has been built in the peak of the beautiful 10 mountains of the heart. Long named this is its detector Samuel Loen. Not only this, he also fixed a different name for the top ten. Afterwards, three of these were changed. He is given three names for 'Pick', the new name. The one whose name is named after the inventor Samuel Loen.

4. Nilgiri Mountains

Nilgiri Mountains
Nilgiri Mountains
Nilgiri Mountains, which have been ruling for a thousand years throughout much of southern India At least 24 peaks are 2,000 meters high. The first mention of the mountain is found in 1,117 CE, in one official document. Not only in the name of 'Nilgiri'but also called 'Nila'.

The main indigenous people of the mountain are Toda, Kurumbus, Kota, Irula, and Baghdad. Later on, it went to the British occupation. In 1603, Father Inocencio first came to this mountain area, sitting on the mountain peak... See with Todd.

Among the peak of Nilgiris, Chinna Dodabadeta, Chonor Betta, is one of the many attractions. There are about 39 pinnacles in the total. There are many fountains. The most famous of them is the Colombo Fountain, which is the most famous North American star of Columbus. The mountain contains about 2700 species of flowering plants. There are different kinds of animals. Recently, UNESCO's goodwill has been on Nilgiri Mountain.

5. Porchupine

Poropupine Mountains have been formed in the form of several small and small hills grown near the super heart. A copper mine was here in the 19th century. However, the mining could not be continued for a long time. But the attraction of Porchupine did not end. Now its biggest attraction is the beautiful heart like clouds.

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