Geographical Thought for UGC NET | Part-1 - Geography for You

Geographical Thought for UGC NET | Part-1

Geographical Thought
1. For earthquakes the word ‘bhukampa’ has been used in the-
a) Vedas
b) Purans
c) Upanishads
d) Mahabharats

2. Which of the following were pioneers in many branches of knowledge?
a) Phoenicians
b) Greeks
c) Romans
d) Arabs

3. Who among the following compiled the regional and historical geography of the world?
a) Strabo
b) Ptolemy
c) Posidonius
d) Polybius

4. Hecataeus had divided the land mass into which of the following two equal part?
a) Europa and Asia
b) Europe and Libya
c) Libya and Asia
d) Africa and Asia

5. Who among the following is the first geographer who regarded the Caspian as an inland sea?
a) Posidonius
b) Strabo
c) Herodotus
d) Hecataeus

6. According to whom Jaxarte River is the northernmost limit of inhabitable world?
a) Polibius
b) Strabo
c) Ptolemy
d) Herodotus

7. An Academy called ‘Baitul Hikma; was established under the patronage of-
a) Caliph Harun al Rashid
b) Al-Mamun
c) Al-Khvarizimi
d) Ibn-Sina

8. In Erdkunde, Ritter advanced the theory of the North West movement of civilization in-
a) Asia
b) Africa
c) Europe
d) America

9. In which of the following years Ritter met Humboldt for the first time?
a) 1805
b) 1807
c) 1809
d) 1811

10. Ritter’s monumental work is entitled as-
a) Erdkunde
b) Kosmos
c) General Geography
d) Erdbeschreibung

1/b, 2/c, 3/a, 4/b, 5/c, 6/b, 7/a, 8/c, 9/b, 10/a

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