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Some Books ana Authors (SET-2)

26. Problem of Human Geography- Demongeon. 

27. Forest Physiography- Isaiah Bowman.

28. Geography in the Twentieth Century- Griffith Taylor.

29. Pulse of Asia- Huntington.

30. Geography and the social science- Isaiah Bowman.

31. World Dictionaries- Ibne Sina.

32. Kitab-al-ashkal- Al-Balkhi.

33. Explanation in Geography- David Harvey.

34. Cultural Geography- Karl Sauer.

35. The Scope and Aim of Geography- P.M. Roxby.

36. The Major Natural Region- A.J. Herbertson.

37. Human Geography in Western Europe- H.J Fleure.

38. The World and its People- H.J Fleure.

39. Anthropology- Krober.

40. Racial Geography- Griffith Taylor.

41. The Nature of Geography- Hartshorne 1939.

42. Perspective in the Nature of Geography- Hartshorne 1959.

43. Social Justice and city- David Harvey 1969.

44. Socal limit of Growth- F. Hirsch.

45. Main Spring of Civilization- Huntington.

46. Problem of Geography- W. Kirk.

47. Limit of Growth- Medows & Medows 1972.

48. Geography and Ecology- W.B. Morgan.

49. Environment and History- I.G. Simmons.

50. Map and Map maker—R.V. Tooley.

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