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Some Important Book and Authors (SET-1)

Some Important Book and Authors (SET-1)

1. Exposition of the world system--➽ Laplace

2. Surface History of the Earth--➽ Joly

3. Origin of the Earth and Planet--➽ Levin.

4. Rain and River--➽ C.G. Greenwood.

5. Canons of Landscape--➽ L. C king.

6. Principles of Physical Geology--➽ Arthur Holmes.

7. Weather--➽ Ebercromby.

8. Geographic Syntaxis--➽ Ptolemy.

9. The Ocean--➽ Posidonius.

10. Europe--➽ Alfred Hettner.

11. Erdkunde--➽ Karl Ritter.

12. Cosmos--➽ Humboldt.

13. Lander Kunde--➽ Karl Ritter.

14. Anthropogeographie--➽ Fredric Ratzel.

15. History of Human Race--➽ Fredric Ratzel.

16. Human Geography--➽ Brunhes.

17. Geography Introduction to History--➽ Febrve.

18. Cosmography--➽ Pomponius Mela.

19. Human Geography--➽ La Blache

20. New World--➽ Isaiah Bowman.

21. Meteorological--➽ Aristotle.

22. New Geography--➽ Guyot.

23. Almagest--➽ Ptolemy.

24. Geography Generalis--➽ Varineous.

25. Geographie Universelle--➽ Vidal-de-la-blache.

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