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Current Affairs, 2nd week of April 2017

1. Which state police department started "Tare Zameen Par" program for underprivileged kids
a. Gujrat Police
b. Haryana Police
c. Jharkhand Police ..
d. Punjab Police

2. Who among the following won the Unite Ideas UNGAViz Textual Analysis and Visualisation Challenge held by UN?
a. Abdullah Rashid
b. Abdulqadir Rashik..
c. Mohammad Rashik
d. Qadirabdula Rashid'

3. With which country has India started a Sports Partnership that would facilitate the exchange of athletes, coaches, technical officials, sports scientists between the two countries?
a. America
b. Canada
c. Australia
d. Bazil

4. Who took charge as Whole Time Member, the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India in New Delhi
a. Dr. Mukulita Vijayawargiya..
b. Dr. Vijayshree Dewide
c. Dr. Meenal Chadda
d. Dr. Robin Reddy

5. Recently, The United States dropped the largest non-nuclear device it has ever unleashed in combat, name the bomb
a. The mother of all bombs..
b. The father of all bombs
c. Project Adam
d. Katrina

6. Recently, which developed country legalized Marijuana
a. Italy
b. Canada..
c. Germany
d. France

7. Which of the following e-commerce site has got RBI's approval to launch e-wallet in India?
a. Amazon
b. Flipkart
c. Alibaba
d. Shopclues

8. Which of the following city has not been included in the 5 pilot cities to implement the daily price revision of petrol and diesel?
a. Jamshedpur
b. Udaipur
c. Puducherry
d. Hyderabad

9. B R Ambedkar on April 14 is observed as
a. Earth Day
b. Soil Day
c. Water Day
d. Air Day

10. Yesterday PM Narendra Modi launched real-time bank-to-bank money transfer platform, name the platform.
a. BHIM-Aadhaar
b. GAM
c. Aadhaar Plus
d. Aadhar Pay

11. The first China-bound freight train carrying British products travels through how many nations during its journey?
a. 6
b. 8
c. 7..
d. 9

12. Hrudaya Deposit scheme is associated with which of the following banks/finance company?
a. Au Financiers
b. ESAF Small Finance Bank..
c. Disha Microfin Pvt Ltd
d. Janalakshmi Financial Services

13. The book "Hope in a challenged democracy; An Indian narrative" is authored by
a. Pradeep Das
b. Sanjeev Sehgal
c. Ashwini Kumar..
d. Biswas Roy

14. A new web portal nakshe" was launched on
a. 100th anniversary of Survey of India(SoI)
b. 250th anniversary of Survey of India(SoI)
c. 150th anniversary of Survey of India(SoI)
d. 200th anniversary of Survey of India(SoI)

15. Which book of Colson Whitehead has won Pulitzer prize for fiction 2017?
a. Zone One
b. The Noble Hustle
c. The Underground Railroad..
d. Electric Literature

16. Who among the following students is not selected for Gates Cambridge scholars 2017?
a. Yaikhomba Mutum
b. Divya Lamba..
c. Akhila Denduluri
d. Saloni Atal

17. Who among the following is not one of the fours Managing Directors of LIC India?
a. Sunita Sharma
b. Hemant Bhargava
c. VK Sharma..
d. B Venugopal

18. India and Mongolia's joint military exercise in Mongolia is named as
a. Maitree 2016
b. Nomadic Elephant -2016..
c. Ekuverin 2016
d. Chakravyuh

19. Where are the headquarters of United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) located?
a. Geneva..
b. Basel
c. Toronto
d. Kingston

20.  Who among the following has won the Chinese Grand Prix 2017?
a. Gerry Ashmore
b. Sebastian Vettel
c. Max Verstappen
d. Lewis Hamilton..

21. With which country has India signed the "largest defence contract" of $2 billion?
a. Russia
b. Japan
c. Israel..
d. USA

22. For which nuclear reactor plant has India and Russia signed a pact?
a. Kaiga Power Plant
b. Kakrapar Power Plant
c. Kudankulam Power Plant..
d. Tarapur Power Plant

ANSWER- 1-C,2-B,3-C,4-A,5-A,6-B,7-A,8-D,9-C,10-A,11-C,12-B,13-C,14-B,15-C,16-B,17-C,18-B,19-A,20-D,21-C,22-C
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