The Mystery of Bird Suicide in Jatinga, Assam, India - Geography for You

The Mystery of Bird Suicide in Jatinga, Assam, India

The Mystery of Bird Suicide in Jatinga, Assam, India
In northeastern Indian nation of Assam is an international fame small village named jatinga(জাতিঙ্গা). This small village is a super solace for folks who need to be in the midst of calming and spellbinding natural beauty. It is all serene and peaceful available. Lush green landscapes guarded with the aid of excessive mountain tiers is a treat for city eyes. However, it isn't always sincerely the splendor of the village that has pushed it to the top of fame ladder. It's miles the mysterious chicken suicide phenomenon that has managed to seize enchantment of humans worldwide.

The locals have termed the phenomenon as ‘avian harakiri’ and the world acknowledges it as mass fowl suicide. However, birds don’t actually dedicate suicide, do they? This is exactly what has at a loss for words experts for years.

What in reality happens?

In a mysterious phenomenon, every year during the past due monsoon months of September to November, loads, and hundreds of birds fly right into the village and crash directly into trees and buildings. A few die due to the shock from the direct hit. Others are so badly injured that they become smooth victims to villagers who seize those birds and banquet on them. This happens each night time among 7 pm and 10 pm among the one's months.

The records of Bird suicide

In past due nineteenth century and early 20th century, the place or the village in question turned into sincerely occupied with the aid of an indigenous tribe called zeme nagas. They were the primary people to look at the uncommon phenomenon. That they had no idea of what occurred however they were scared to their bones. The entire tribe determined to go away the location. They sold their lands to jaintias and left in 1905. The jaintias settled down and they too discovered the phenomenon. But, they had been not afraid and considered it as god’s gift.

Scientific research and facts about Bird suicide

There has been surely no question that this mysterious phenomenon would appeal to clinical attention and that passed off. A number of research have been conducted by way of many renowned orthinologists. Here is what changed into revealed through the one's studies:

  • Jatinga remains shrouded by means of monsoon fog which disorients the birds.
  • The village lighting fixtures attract them and they fly immediately towards the one's lights.
  • It is throughout their descent that they hit trees and walls causing loss of life for some and critical accidents for others.
  • Matted, dazed and tired birds come to be easy prey and are introduced down by using the villagers using bamboo sticks and catapults.
A few uncanny findings

While the aforementioned records make pretty a whole lot of experience, there are other records too which can be quite uncanny. Here is what the studies found:

  • Birds land simplest in a specific strip of the village. The strip is simplest 2 hundred meters wide and 1.5 kilometers long.
  • Birds fly in handiest and handiest from the north.
  • If lighting fixtures are positioned at the southern facet of the village, the birds are not interested in the lighting fixtures.
  • Birds are all local birds. They may be not long-distance migratory birds.
  • There are forty-four one of a kind hen species that meet this unlucky destiny. They include a few distinct species like pond herons, tiger bitterns and black bitterns.
  • These birds come from hill slopes and valleys of the nearby regions

A few greater findings from Bird suicide research

It changed into located that in the monsoon months, the nearby valleys get flooded and these birds lose their natural habitat. Consequently, they fly out to a one of a kind vicinity on the lookout for temporary shelters. It's far just that jatinga takes place to be sitting on the route they take for short-distance migration.

The puzzle that can not be solved

There's sincerely no denying the reality that the scientific studies found out quite some of thrilling statistics however they weren’t genuinely whole. Professionals didn't put together the entire puzzle and remedy it once and for all. What’s genuinely baffling approximately the chook suicide phenomenon? Right here is what scientists cannot certainly answer:

  • Scientists are but to understand why the birds fly via the precise equal direction 12 months after yr most effective to meet their grotesque fate.
  • The birds in a query are all diurnal. Which means they fly handiest at some point of the day. So the question is, “why do these birds fly in the course of the night while they're alleged to be speedy asleep?” this is the concern that becomes recommend via the past due to salim Ali – one of the most famous orthinologists of India.
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