Bio-Geography for NET/SET (Set-1) - Geography for You

Bio-Geography for NET/SET (Set-1)

Bio-Geography for NET/SET (Set-1)

1.      Highest Bio-diversity is found in the—Equatorial Regions.

2.      Those birds that rest on trees are called—Perching Bird.

3.      Epiphytes are found mostly in the—Equatorial Regions.

4.      Boreal types of plants are found in—Temperate Regions.

5.      The term Hexicology was proposed by—Warming.

6.      The pyric factors refers to—Fire factor.

7.      Which water is available to plant—Capillary water.

8.      Drawing of sap through plant’s root is called—Root Osmosis.

9.      Biological Process which is responsible for the origin of species—Speciation.

10.  The process of sequential development of ecological community—Sere.

11.  The term ‘black box model’ is used for thestudy of—Ecosystem.

12.  The smallest ecosystem is called- Ecotope.

13.  Adjustment of plant and animals in changing physical conditions—Acclimatization.

14.  Ecosystem has two components—Biotic and abiotic.

15.  Dormant state of some plants and animals during winter—Hibernation.

16.  Individual plants and animals having similar biological character—Population.

17.  One of the most burning example of non-bio-biodegradable item—Plastic Maintaining.

18.  Tip of ecological pyramid is occupied by—Carnivores.

19.  In Lake Ecosystem, the pyramid of biomass is—inverted.

20.  Paddy land ecosystem is an example of—artificial ecosystem.

21.  The river mouth ecosystem is called—Lotic.

22.  In a stabilized ecosystem the P/R ratio is- <1.

23.  The ecological pyramid was first designed – Warming.

24.  An ecosystem is a structure that is—Rarely Permanent.

25.  The taiga ecosystem lie in the—Sub-alpine zone.


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