Bio-Geography for NET/SET (SET-2) - Geography for You

Bio-Geography for NET/SET (SET-2)

Bio-Geography for NET/SET (SET-2)
       1.   The flow of material and energy in an ecosystem is respectively—Linear only.

2.       The basic function unit of ecology—Ecosystem.

3.       The term used first Deep Ecology- Aldo Leopold 1949.

4.       Social forestry program started in- 1976.

5.       World Conservation day is celebrated on- 3rd December.

6.       The wing of WWF in India was launched in India—1969.

7.       A community of organism occupying an area—Biocenosis.

8.       The flora and fauna of an area—Biota.

9.       A form of a plot modified by its habitat—Ecad.

10.   Slightly brackish water of 0.5 to 5 PPT salinity—Oligohaline.

11.   Who is the proponent of Gaia Theory—James Lavlock.

12.   Who proposed the theory of Catastrophism—Cuvier.

13.   Who proposed the theory of Evolution—Darwin.

14.   Who introduced the biochemical origin of life—Hackell.

15.   Who are the most primitive man—Homo habillis.

16.   Ramsar Summit that was happened in Iran on—1971.

17.   Silent balley movement was concerned with the river—Kunti,Kerala.

18.   What is the daily range of temperature in ocean—1 degree.

19.   Stationary state theory of Human growth-- Ricardo.

20.   The list where destructive species are being enlisted is called—Black data book.

21.   The sea water gets pollution mainly due to—Oil spills.

22.   DDT is—Non-degradeble pollutant.

23.   The Number of bio geographic zones available in India- 10.

24.   Indian Board Wildlife was established in—1952.

25.   The number of vertical layers available in Savana grassland- 3.


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