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The Meteor is going to rain on April 22?

What is a Meteor Shower?

A meteor shower occurs whilst a variety of meteors flash throughout the sky at the same point. 

We are very fortunate to witness this wonderful meteor shower which is going to happen on 21 & 22 April all through the arena. We are able to even see this bath with naked eyes but to deeply revel in it, you want a small telescope. 

This shower happens nearly each 12 months but situations are best for this yr. You may experience 20 taking pictures stars each hour on its top ( one star in each 3 minutes) 

Meteor Shower

When and where to watch?

As we've got advised this may happen from April 21 to 22 April. It will manifest day and night however you could see it most effective in the night time. Time only depends on your location and country. Top hours are at the night time of 22nd April. 

There is almost zero opportunity for any meteor or famous person to the touch floor. So there may be no danger.

mind it  It is the Second biggest meteor shower of earth.
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