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Reogional planning NET/SET
      1.      Who found the index of development based on principal component analysis?- Friedman.

2.       India:the regional geography is written by- R.L. Singh.

3.       Which year Dr. Chatterjee presented the physical division of India?- 1965.

4.       D. Stamp divided India into?- 3 macro and 22 sub regions.

5.       Who divided the first time, India into physical regions?- Maikfarlen.

6.       The region where the uniformity is found in the natural and cultural element is called?- Geographical.

7.       Who delineated the boundary of Bengaluru city?- P. sen. Gupta.

8.       Whitlesy delineated the world agriculture region in- 1936.

9.       Who used the thesis multi angle method related regional delineation?- Hagget.

10.   The region, in which spatial differentiations are very less called?- Uniform region.

11.   Who used the word “ Compage”?- Whetlesy.

12.   When planning commission divided India into agricultural climatic regions?- 1988.

13.    How many agricultural climatic region, India is divided by planning commission?- 15.

14.   Who proposed the political statistical ideology for the description of regions?- Buching.

15.   Who gave the geographical description of the world during 19th century?- Humboldt.

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