Regional planning (SET-2) - Geography for You

Regional planning (SET-2)

Regional planning for NET/SET

      1.    Who used the word “Landerkunde” for the regional geography?- Hetner.

2.       Who presented the geographical knowledge as a form of regions?- Hetner.

3.       When was the IRDP started at the block level in India?- 1975.

4.       In India planning are prepared by planning commission at- State level.

5.       Who proposed the planning regions of India?- Prof. Jweg.

6.       Regional planning is started in India in- 1961.

7.       Join Growth Theory is given by- B.J.L. Bery.

8.       How many parts India is divided by P. Sen Gupta?- 7.

9.       When did crop insurance planning start in India?- 1982.

10.   When did land law in India amend?- 1972.

11.   What is the percentage of National Income from agricultural sector? 15%

12.   What base adopted by Kovosovasky for the division of economic regions?- Production cycle.

13.   Who proposed the concept of Resources cycle?- I.B. Komar.

14.   Growth pole provides the service for how much rural population?- 2 crore.

15.  Who proposed the cumulative result theory in reference to development pivot?- Mirdal.

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