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Inversion Relief

Inversion Relief

Inversion Relief gives a detail idea about the topographic evolution, geological stability, erosional agents, erosional intensity etc. at all. It also sometimes creates illusion to the geomorphological and geological because of their inversion topography and structural characteristics.

In Himalaya large numbers of inversion Relief are found.

➽Why call Inversion?
1. As anticline turn into syncline, syncline turn into anticline.
2. Stratigraphically the younger bed is found in lower portion and the older one is in upper portion.
3. Structurally, valley geology is found at the base of anticline and anticline based structure is found at the root of syncline.

        Rift valley or graben become Block Mountain or horst in case of fault structure.

➽Causes of Inversion:
1.    1. Formation of transvers Consequent River alongside anticlinal ridge or horst as well as formation of some sub-consequent rivers and strong head ward erosion mainly responsible for valley bed deposition.
2.  2. The mountain top, especially in folded zone, is more erosive because the upward bent is severely tensile. So, large number of micro cracks alongside fold axis are present. That is why it is more fragile. On the other hand due to compressional force the lower bent become very much crystallize and resist erosion.
3.    3. The factor of safety is very less at the mountain top whereas it is very high at the valley bottom. At the valley top tangential force of gravity (gt) is more active than actual perpendicular gravity (gp) or basal gravity. At the valley gp less than or equal to g means less erosion. At the mountain gt>gp or g=more erosion.

As a result deep rock strata can be seen from surface. It is called “tectonic window”.

Simply it means when anticline turns into syncline or syncline valley converted into anticline ridge mainly due to erosional and depositional activity, is known as inversion of relief. In other word if horst or Block Mountain transfer into graben and vice-versa is called relief inversion. 

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