1. Which of the following is not a social indicator of regional development?
 (A)  Number of primary schools in the region.
 (B)  Number of primary health centres in the region.
 (C)  Number of medical professionals per thousand population.
 (D)  Number of tertiary workers in the population.

2. Regional diversity is essentially caused by
 (A)  Per capita income 
 (B)  Natural resource base
 (C)  Industrial development 
 (D)  Levels of urbanization

3. Given below  are two statements,  one labelled  as  Assertion  (A)  and the  other is labelled as Reason (R). Select your answer from the codes given below :
Assertion (A)  :  The growth pole  strategy failed  to bring balanced  regional development in India.
Reason (R) :  Diffusion of development  under conditions  of general  regional backwardness is weak.
 Codes :
(A)  Both (A) and (R) are correct and (R) explains (A).
(B)  Both (A) and (R) are correct but (R) does not explain (A).
(C)  (A) is correct but (R) is wrong.
(D)  (A) is wrong but (R) is correct.

4. Patrick Geddes applied which of the following perspectives in Regional Planning?
 (A)  Technological 
 (B)  Socio-economic
 (C)  Environmental 
 (D)  Historical-ecological

5. The concern with regional disparities in development was explicitly mentioned in which Five Year Plan of India?
(A)  Second 
(B)  Fourth
(C)  Seventh 
(D)  Tenth

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6. Which city of Gujarat is associated with salt production?
(A)  Surat 
(B)  Kandla
(C)  Vadodara 
(D)  Gandhidham

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7. Match the following List-I with List-II and select the correct answer from the codes given below:
 List-I                                       List-II
(a)  Iron Ore                       (i)  Assam
(b)  Petroleum                  (ii)  Chhattisgarh
(c)  Mica                             (iii)  Rajasthan
(d)  Rock Phosphate       (iv)  Jharkhand
Codes : 
        (a)  (b)  (c)  (d) 
 (A)  (iv)  (iii)  (i)  (ii)
 (B)  (ii)  (i)  (iv)  (iii) 
 (C)  (ii)  (i)  (iii)  (iv) 
 (D)  (ii)  (iii)  (i)  (iv)

8. Which of the following cities is situated on the mouth of river Tapi (Tapti)?
 (A)  Ankleshwar 
 (B)  Vadodara
 (C)  Ahmedabad 
 (D)  Surat

9. Which one of the following is in the rain shadow of the Western Ghats?
(A)  Mahabaleshwar 
(B)  Baramati
(C)  Panchghani 
(D)  Ratnagiri

10. Arrange the following Indian States in descending order of their geographical area:
 I.  Maharashtra II.  Karnataka
 III. Rajasthan IV.  Tamil Nadu
Codes : 
 (B)  I III IV II 
 (C)  IV III I II 

 (D)  III I II IV 

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