1. Which one of the following is the correct geometric mean of the data set: 0, 50, 100, 100, 150, 250, 450, 500 ?
A. 125 
B. 100 
C. 200 
D. 0

2. Who among the Arab geographers wrote 'History of India'  ?

1. Al Idrisi
2. Ibn Batuta
3. Ibn Khaldun
4. Al Biruni

3. In which of the following States of India women outnumber men?
A. Uttar Pradesh
B. Karnataka
C. Haryana
D. Kerala

4. Which one of the following States of India records the lowest density of population according to 2011 Census ?
A. Arunachal Pradesh
B. Meghalaya
C. Tripura
D. Manipur

5. About 85 per cent of the total iron ore production' of India is from–
A. Jharkhand and Orissa
B. Karnataka and Orissa
C. Bihar and Madhya Pradesh    
D. Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh

6. Name the Five Year Plan (FYP) in which the 'Voluntary Sterilization Population Policy' was introduced–
A. First Five Year Plan
B. Second Five Year Plan
C. Third Five Year Plan   
D. Vth Five Year Plan

7. In the sub-continent of India, the region frequently affected by tropical cyclones is the–
A. Gujarat coast
B. Coromandel coast
C. Konkan coast
D. Malabar coast

8. The Salal Project is on the river
A. Chenab
B. Jhelum
C. Ravi
D. Sutlej

9. The Paithan (Jayakwadi) Hydro-electric project, completed with the help of Japan, is on the river
A. Ganga
B. Cauvery
C. Narmada
D. Godavari

10. The most importance item of Tabulation is
A. Table no.
B. Title.
C. Remarks
D. Table body

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