Earth's Unknown geographical facts - 25+ Surprising Information About The World! (Part-1) - Geography for You

Earth's Unknown geographical facts - 25+ Surprising Information About The World! (Part-1)

The world's unknown information - when we hear the words, we can peep into our mind and look at various types of mysterious words. And we do not know much about this world. But one thing is true that we like to know these unknown information. And that's why in today's post we will tell some unknown information in this world. Which of course will surprise you. Let's take a look at the first episode- 
1. After about 500 million years the sun will become a 'red giant star'. Because the sun burns (hydrogen and helium) will end. Then the sun will swallow other planets around it. As it is, the earth can swallow the sun too. Currently the world is about 450 million years old, which means that there are still many more years left over.(Fig-1)

Ring of Fire area
Ring of Fire area

2. There are about 452 volcanoes in Ring of Fire area. About 81% of the world's volcano is volcanic eruption, and in this region. In the last 11,700 years, there were a total of 25 major and terrible incidents of eruption, out of which 22 have been located in the Ring of Fire area.
3. There are approximately 5,00,000 earthquakes per year in the world. In which we understand 100,000. And only 100 earthquakes damage the Earth.

4. If we take the world as a car, then we are traveling around the sun at a speed of 66,000 miles / hour as the carriage of the car. This means that the center of the Sun, the rotation speed of the Earth is approximately 66,000 miles or 1,07,000 km. Because of the gravity of this motion, we do not fall into space.

5. The average circulation of electricity at 8.6 million times per day in the world. This means that more than 100 times more electricity per second is flashing

6. About 90% of the earthquakes are in an area of ​​the Pacific Ocean. Because of this, this area has been named 'Ring of Fire'.

7. There are three times more water than all the oceans in the world, in the inner part of the Earth.

8. The speed of the Earth moving on its own axis is gradually decreasing. And it is affecting the length of the day on the earth. As a result, there is an increase of about 17 milliseconds in every 100 years. This means more than 140 million years, the world will be 25 hours a day.

9. At one time people thought that the Earth was the center point of the universe. But there is nothing in the center of this universe. Everything is moving around, everything else.

10. The earth is actually a big magnet this is because of the abundance of iron and nickel in the center of the Earth. Because of this, a powerful magnet field is made around the Earth. And it protects our planet from a solar storm.

11. The Cubera cave is the deepest cave in the world. It is about 2,197 meters deep or 7,208 feet deep. It is located in Georgia.

12. Around 22,000 man-made objects surrounded the earth. Of these, many artificial satellites are more in number.

13. If the moon were not our satellite, then it would have been only 6 hours a day for 24 hours instead of Earth.

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