Earth's Unknown geographical facts - 25+ Surprising Information About The World! (Part-2 and last part) - Geography for You

Earth's Unknown geographical facts - 25+ Surprising Information About The World! (Part-2 and last part)

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14. Rainbow is actually round, because of the size of the earth we see half-rounded beads.

15. The type of formula that requires the power (electricity, sound), if only one percent of the sun's 100 percent of the sunlight can be used, then nothing else is needed for the whole life.

16. There was no rain in the Atakama Desert in Chile. This is the most dry place in the world.

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17. 20% of the oxygen produced by the great forest Amazon.

18. The southernmost volcano is located on the continent of Antarctica. Fire does not come out of this volcano, but ice crystals are released. Its name is Mount Erebus.

19. Earth's center is so hot that its temperature is almost equal to the temperature of the sun.

20. The amount of microorganisms on the surface of one tea spoon is more than the current population of the world.

21. The Earth has an estimated 66 degree tilt on its own axis. And it is responsible for this shift to change the season.

22. Russians made the deepest pit on the earth. The depth of which is 12,262 meters. Or 40,230 feet. It took 14 years to do this. It is deeper than the height of Mount Everest. But it has now been closed.

23. The world is not really round. It is light inequality along the equatorial region. This is because the Earth's rotation.

24. If you are thrown from one end to the middle of the earth, then you need only 42 minutes to go to the other end.

25. Only mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn are named after ancient times. Because they were seen in the naked eye.

26. It takes about 8 minutes to 20 seconds to get light from the sun.

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