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Pollution: The Radio Active Pollution

Pollution: The Radio Active Pollution
Among the hazardous substance, radioactive substance are most toxic. As compared to organic poisons, injurious effects of radio nucleoside are exceedingly high. For instance radium is times more lethal than arsenic. Nuclear war materials, test explosions, power plants and radio-isotopes used in medicine, industry and research are the main sources of radioactive pollution that could threaten our environment security.

The result of radioactive pollution are too injurious and far-reaching. For human body both internal and external radiations are hazardous. Radiations reach to our body from cosmic-rays and milky-ways, and other light sources in nature. Internal radiation reach to our body through food items. The fall of celestial bodies and particles are responsible for cosmic radiations. The light particles spread in the atmosphere and heavier fall on the land. These particle are full of energy and develop heat on the surface of earth.

The quantity and intensity of cosmic radiation increases at higher levels from sea surface. These radio-active particles are very harmful for our body.

➽ Radio-active Pollutants-
Atoms, nuclear explosions, nuclear wastes, isotopes, X-rays are main sources of artificial radiation. The nuclear tests develop so much heat energy and radiation, which destroy everything in test area including lakes etc.

➽ Radio active source can be divided into two categories :
                               (a)    Natural Source (b) Artificial Source.

(a) Natural Source- 
i) Cosmic rays- They come from outer space. Passing through atmosphere they effect human body.

ii) Radio active element- Some natural radioactive substance and elements emit radiations continuously. They are found in nature. The main radio-active elements are thorium, uranium and radium. The residents living near these source are affected by its radiation.

iii) Atmospheric Radio activity- Inert gas radon found in atmosphere is radio-active and affects human body.
Atmospheric Radio activity
Atmospheric Radio activity 

iv) Internal Radiation- A very little quantity of few radio-active elements are also found in human body. E.g. Potassium-40, Strontium-90, Carbon-40 etc.

(b) Artificial Sources- The manmade artificial radio-active substances pollute the atmosphere. Some fire-arms are manufactured by using radio-active elements. These substance are also used for human welfare. X-rays are used for diagnosing diseases. These substance pollute whole atmosphere. The following are the harms of using artificial radio-active substance:
Artificial Sources
Artificial Sources (Credit)

i) Uranium and Thorium are extracted and separated from ores by using different chemical procedures. During this activity dust and gases are emitted, which pollute the environment. For a single X-ray diagnosis the human body gets radiation of 0.02 to 3.00 red.

ii) The nuclear explosion creates heavy amount of energy, light, heat and radio-active substance. It destroys everything including humans in a vast area instantly. The far-reaching affects after explosion remains for a very long time. Different diseases like cancer, muscular decay, skin cancer, blood-cancer, baldness, cataract etc. are the result of far reaching effects of radiations emitted from nuclear activities. 
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