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Top five Highest Waterfall of India

We have discussed about the highest waterfalls in the world. Today we will discuss about the first five waterfalls in India. Many of you know that the name of India's highest waterfall is Gursappa or Yog, but it is not right. So check out what is right
Top five Highest Waterfall of India
Top five Highest Waterfall of India

1) Kanchikul Falls - 
Karnataka - 455 meters.

2) Barhipani waterfall - 
Orissa - 399 meters.

3) Nohalkiki Waterfall - 
Meghalaya - 340 meters.

4) Nohosangithiang Falls - 
Meghalaya - 315 meters.

5) Dudhsagar Falls - 
Karnataka & Goa - 310 meters.

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