1. Which of the following pairs of countries receive maximum insolation?
(A) Indonesia and Sri Lanka
(B) Indonesia and Libya
(C) Yemen and Somalia
(D) Canada and Australia

2. Solid material passes directly into vapour state by means of
(A) Condensation
(B) Sublimation
(C) Volatalization
(D) Convection

3. Radiolarian Ooze is
(A) Terrigenous Deposits
(B) Neritic Deposits
(C) Pelagic Deposits
(D) Littoral Deposits
4. Ria is an example of
(A) Emerged upland shore
(B) Submerged upland shore
(C) Neutral shore
(D) Compound shore

5. Who among the following did not support the concept of environmental determinism?
(A) Ratzel
(B) Davis
(C) Huntington
(D) None of these

6. Who wrote the book Airs Water and Places?
(A) Anaximander
(B) Hippocrates
(C) Eratosthones
(D) Hecateus

7. The Humanistic Geography aims at ‘Verstehn’, that is
(A) Life style of man.
(B) Inter personal relations of men.
(C) Understanding of man in his environment.
(D) Objective experiences of man.

8. Geographia in 17 volumes was written by
(A) Ptolemy
(B) Miletus
(C) Strabo
(D) Ritter

9. Which one of the following is not correctly matched?
(A) Exurbanisation – Commuter belt grows at the expense of core.
(B) Counterurbanisation – Population loss of ring is more than the urban core.
(C) Reurbanisation – Core starts regaining population.
(D) Exourbanisation – Labour intensive and export oriented industrialization is the base.

10. International migration is no longer a factor in population distribution mainly because
(A) People do not wish to migrate.
(B) People are afraid of racial prejudices.
(C) Nations have placed restrictions on migration.

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