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PUBG: 25 Things That Aren't Good About PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

PUBG, aka PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds is one of the hottest online games we've seen in years.
But it’s not always because it’s a positive gaming experience. While the concept of this game isn’t new exactly, the way this game works, the bugs, the flaws, are actually are part of the reason why it’s gained so much love from the FPS community. This game is frustrating to put it simply. It’s a game that is half skill and half luck. One way to easily sum of this game is by saying, it’s an experience you’ll remember.

While it’s not totally guaranteed you’ll throw your computer or your controller out the window, it can actually be fun, but there are some issues we’d like to walk through in this list. Hopefully it will warn you of the issues people are having with this game, whether you’re thinking about buying it for yourself or if you rather just read something that you’ll be able to relate to because of experiencing all of these issues for yourself, the choice is yours.

We’re not here to bash this game, in all honesty, it is fun, it’s challenging, and most of the time, even despite the flaws and annoyances, it is actually very addicting. But we won’t hold back when it comes to how games like PUBG can improve in the future. Maybe after all the controversy around the issues of the game, developers will learn to listen to the community that supports their creations. We can only hope.

1 Banning Over 6K A Day

One of the biggest reasons PUBG is making headlines in the gaming community is because of the new anti-cheat software they’ve developed with the help of BattlEye. This software apparently monitors the servers 24/7, looking for hackers and cheaters. The BattlEye Twitter account recently announced that they actually ban over 6K to 13K every single day. EVERY DAY.

2 No Balance Whatsoever

Not only do all of these flaws in the game attribute to the luck aspect you need to have on your side when playing this game, but the actual items in this game are mostly useless except for only a few. Honestly, only a fraction of the items in this game are actually worth using. There are some jokey items that are just a gag like the frying pan and other loud guns that instantly let everyone nearby know exactly where you are.
Basically, the weapons aren’t exactly bad, but they really narrow down the ways you can skillfully win the game. There are only a few decent weapons, most choose the M16 and hide for the entirety of the game. There should be more than one way to play this game and actually make it to the top. But right now, with the options available to players, it is very limited when it comes to how you win, especially since people play exactly like what we mentioned above. Run, find an M16, and hide until you win.

3 The Name PUBG

The name is by far one of the more inferior names for a game like this. It doesn’t really explain the concept of the game, it’s very long, and the abbreviation PUBG, is strange on its own. Plus for people who play this game who don’t speak English, it can be challenging to get right!
PUBG doesn’t roll off the tongue and it’s just plain awkward to say!
PUBG is a nickname that looks and sounds quite strange. When you’re talking to someone about this game and they’ve never played it, it’s safe to say that they probably would have no idea what you’re talking about if you mentioned the name of this game. Not only would they not know, they probably wouldn’t even be able to guess what the game is really about in the first place.

4 Everything Technical

Overall, everything technical about the game is a bit lacking. We mentioned this a bit earlier, the fact that many aspects of this FPS do not match up with advanced games like Call Of Duty or Battlefield. There is simply no comparison. For a new game to reach the amount of fame it has gotten and in some regard, the infamy, it’s interesting to see how they haven’t cracked down on how bad the technical aspect of PUBG is.
The animations are almost embarrassing and very noobie for such a huge game to break the gaming industry in many different ways, but that doesn’t seem to motivate the dev team whatsoever to actually put in more work and refinement when it comes to the weapon reload and running animations. While the actual challenge of the gameplay does make up for some aspects of this, it isn’t always enough for those who like attention to detail.

5 No Tutorial Phase

If you’re a new player who wants to jump right into PUBG, good luck, because you’ll seriously need it. First-timers find it hard to stay alive. Yeah, it’s a bit unfair, but if you read up on what battle royale games are, you’ll have a better understanding of the mechanics of the game.
With all the different versions of this game on the market that are also popular, they do all act differently and it will take some time to learn the best way for you to play. This game is hectic and all over the place sometimes, but other times it can be quiet and you just have to hide because that’s what everyone else is doing. Our advice to you is: just be careful, and always look both ways before running out of a building!

6 Too Much Walking

The maps are huge, that’s one of the main reasons why there are vehicles, but because of how loud the vehicles are, it makes them basically a moving target that could blow up any second a sniper sees you. This causes many people to just walk to different locations on the map.
First of all, it takes forever because the maps are so huge, but another thing that has really bothered people about this problem is the fact that the animations for walking and running are seriously awful. There isn’t much they can do about this problem, with how many players start off in one match, it’s understandable why the maps are so big, but do they really have to be that big to make the game complete? Even if they made smaller maps, they would probably be able to cut back on how hard this game runs on computers as well.

7 Low Quality & Runs Heavy

The image quality of PUBG is lacking, to say the least. Despite how popular it is, the graphics are not why people play it whatsoever. The image quality is very grainy, unclear, fuzzy, and just bad overall. But at the same time, even though the graphics are sub-par, you have to have a gaming computer to really be able to even play the game correctly.
The game runs very heavy and requires a lot from your computer for it to run, that is, if you can even get it to run without it lagging, which is very unlikely. We’re not hating on the game because of the low-quality graphics, that would normally be fine, especially with a game that’s not focused on the beauty of graphics. But the fact that this game runs hard on any computer, even on gaming computers, is pretty sad and unrealistic on many levels.

8 Inventory Is A Major Mess

Just a whole other reason as to why it’s difficult to play this game in a quick reflex friendly way that relies on skill instead of just hiding out. The inventory management is a nightmare. If you’re trying to loot someone you just eliminated, it’s basically like sticking a sign on your back saying, “just do it”.
Don’t even loot people if you want to actually win the game!
There are so many tabs in the inventory that it means you’ll just be standing there, not even paying attention to your surroundings and you’ll have to scroll while trying to figure out what items you need and what items are just junk and a waste of time. It’s gotten to the point that people don’t even pay attention anymore to looting people unless they know for sure that they have a better weapon than them. Most of the time, it’s just a trap.

9 The Slow Aiming

Usually, in most FPS games, you will aim to zoom in to look for people, but most of the time you go back and forth between shouldering your weapon and aiming for a potential shot. But as we mentioned above, the insane problems that have come with the weird controller layout has made it nearly impossible for this natural and more realistic way of playing an FPS to even exist in PUBG.
Basically, when you aim down the scope of your weapon, you enter into the whole new aiming mode that has different controls. It’s a process that takes longer than it should and it’s very unnecessary for a game that is supposed to work with your natural reflexes. While this is usually fine if you’re sniping, it is awful if you’re trying to aim and be quick before running away or if you happen to be chasing an enemy.

10 No Aim Assist

When people do actually stop their camping habits of hiding around the map looking for prey to walk by before they can strike, when you’re running around, good luck actually landing a shot. In PUBG, there is no aim assist, NONE. Of course, not everyone likes using aim assist. But because of the mechanics of the game being so far behind other games on either PC or Xbox One, it’s surprising that there isn’t even a small hit of the direction nudge that exists in almost every other FPS.
This makes it very hard for you to not only land a shot while standing still. But you should already accept that you won’t be making any perfect shots while trying to keep up with the person running away from you. You probably won’t make any shot and you’ll just miss every single time. Maybe they will add this in the future, we can only hope.

11 Popping

Similar to how awful the lag is in the game, this also makes popping occur. Not only will you see popping, but the view distance is extremely low, both on PC and Xbox One. Basically what this means is objects, buildings, and landscape will pop into view, just because it wasn’t able to load correctly at a certain distance, even if you would have been able to realistically see that far in real life.
In an FPS multiplayer game, this can make players pop in and shock you, making you panic because you didn’t even see them, and then they are able to take you out because of how sudden everything was when it happened. This is extremely annoying and can make playing this game very hard to do without any frustration involved as well. Not to mention the view distance is horrible as well, you can’t even see players that are a certain distance away from you!

12 A Frame Rate Issue

PUBG is choppy and it’s a mess. This might not come as a surprise because of how big this game is on both Xbox One and PC versions of the game, but it can make anyone just want to rage quit this game because of how hard it is to competitively play this game when you can’t stop lagging. FPS games need to have smooth gameplay, because if they don’t you’ll either miss your shot or you’ll be taken out because you couldn’t move away or see the enemy player.
For a multiplayer game that literally relies on a clean shot that’s quick and uses skill and reflexes, it’s nearly impossible to play this game the way it’s supposed to be played because of this dreadful frame rate issue they’ve had from the start. Let’s just hope they will fix this issue in the future, because it could really turn around this game for the better!

13 The Controls Are Strange

This game has had some serious issues, but with the surprising release on Microsoft's Xbox One, it’s no surprise that some of these issues have been shared from PC to the console version of this game. The controls on Xbox One are simply strange. You would assume that they mapped the buttons like most FPS games that have reigned on the Microsoft console, but sadly you would be wrong.
The controls will actually make you want to throw your controller out the window, trust us, we’ve been there.
The controls are unnatural, strange, and will often make you forget exactly what button to press when you’re in the heat of battle. In a game like PUBG, where you need to think on your feet, it’s actually a bit sad knowing that it’s so easy to mess up a perfect takedown just because of the dumb controller mapping.

14 The Game Is Too Buggy

The game is constantly glitching. From players and cars sinking through the floor of a map and not being able to play the game because it can’t be fixed unless they start over the match, or a door blowing up in your face for no reason whatsoever. It’s safe to say that there are many bugs in this game that need to be fixed, especially for how many people actually play this game. There’s no reason why the game mechanics should be this far behind when it comes to PUBG, especially with all the technological advancements that can be seen in many other FPS examples. It’s a bit ridiculous how behind this game is, despite it being seriously popular among millions of players around the world.

15 This Game Is For Cheaters

PUBG is now a global game, over 2 million people play this game all over the world, but that also means that hundreds of thousand individuals have taken it upon themselves to ruin the fun for everyone by cheating and hacking the system. While this is expected from many online video games, it doesn’t go unpunished and it makes it difficult for players who are actually playing by the rules. We never tolerate cheaters whatsoever, but the fact that this game has so many should really say something about the community that plays the game. Let’s just say we’re very glad they finally installed and created an anti-cheating software to instantly ban people who are cheating the system.
But this has also lead to tons of fake accounts to try and bypass this software.
This has also caused some individuals to be banned for no reason just because someone reports them for cheating because they’re a sore loser.

16 There Are Huge Maps

Alright, the maps are huge, we mean really huge. Basically almost too big. Which is why it’s very important that you remember landmarks that you pass by when you start playing. There are very popular spots on the map that you should remember and try to get familiar with, but there are landmarks all over the place you can use to know where you should go.
Not only will this allow you to be more tactical, but it will make it easier to communicate with your teammates.
These unique PUBG maps that are seriously big are almost too annoying, not only do they run hard on PC and Xbox One consoles, but they make it very hard to play a quick game. Many people in the PUBG community want the game devs to eventually make smaller maps for smaller matches that take less time, but we have doubts that they’ll stray from what they know best.

17 Grenades Are Love Hate

Yes, grenades can be very helpful, but usually not in combat whatsoever. Grenades should never be used in combat because there are many ways it could backfire on you if you’re just randomly panic-throwing explosives. Instead, just use them to clear out buildings and to scare people out into the open. This is especially helpful if you just came across a building and it’s close to the end of the game and you don’t see anyone, they are probably upstairs hiding and a grenade is a great way to get them out of their camping spots without putting you right in front of them.
These are the worst tools in the game, but they can be if you aren’t careful about how you use them.
Also as a small bonus tip, did you know that if you hit the left trigger you can throw the grenade underhand instead of overhand like most games?

18 Airdrops Are Also Traps

Airdrops are almost very similar to cars, in the fact that they are usually what people are trying to get to. If someone hasn’t already booby-trapped an airdrop that has landed, it’s safe to assume that other people will be around waiting for people to try and loot it, or they’re trying to loot it themselves. Our piece of advice for you is this: if you have a decent weapon and you’ve been handling yourself, don’t risk it all for something you probably won’t need.
Many times, airdrops will just be a waste of time that will get you taken out.
We could almost bet that as you’re running up to the airdrop there will at least be two people watching you from behind trees or buildings. Just remember, if you see an airdrop, risk it all or don’t bother at all if you actually want to win the game.

19 Once Again, Cars Will Ruin The Game

Cars are bad, period. In PUBG, cars are not only loud and they will make everyone aware of where you are, but they also will annoy the crap out of you with horrible driving controls and animations that don’t even make sense. You’ll never feel like you’re in charge of the vehicle and you won’t even have enough time to really learn the controls before you’re spotted by another player because of how loud and annoying it is.
Of course, the cars in PUBG can be used to help you travel across long distances easily since the maps are huge.
But you really have to bet on luck, because of how awful they always are. Sometimes it might work out for you, but it’s safe to assume that it’s always a hit or miss. Also, don’t try to just run people over, it will usually just end with them shooting you through the front of the car.

20 It’s Easy To Be Trigger Happy

When you start playing PUBG it’s very easy to get overly excited and just try to take out as many people as possible. But all this will lead to is someone finding your location or getting you first because you didn’t plan the right course of action to actually be tactical. It’s very easy to forget this when you play the game, it can be so easy to be trigger happy and next thing you know you’re out of the match because someone else found you.
Just assume that there is more than just that lone player running out there in the open, and they’re watching you.
Just take a moment before you rush and storm in on a player. Look around them, see if their team is with them, and give it a minute before you take a shot. Make sure the location is safe before you blow your cover and you’re the instant next target.

21 Don’t Straf When Shooting

It’s actually very hard to aim and shoot when moving. This makes it very difficult and really shows how less the mechanics are in this game compared to other franchises like Call Of Duty. Let’s just say there is a clear reason why COD is popular and played all over the world. It's because the shooting feels natural to the player.
You don’t have to stop moving every time you shoot if you want to actually make your mark.
Because of how bad this technical flaw is in the programming and gaming mechanics, it makes it very hard to actually play the game with skill. Your best bet is to pray that someone doesn’t see you so you can hide and take your time shooting a player across the map. This just continues to push this hide and camp kind of mindset people have when playing this game, which is not a positive for many people.

22 Snipers Are Annoying

Snipers are literally everywhere. Similar to the problem I just mentioned above. People camp in this game. Even though if you do it and get caught, you’ll be called a camper and reported by literal 15-year-olds. Because people love to hide until they are in the top ten before they reveal themselves and then vulture all the best gear, it can be hard to take this game seriously when basically everyone has reverted to playing like this.
It’s almost like it’s a never-ending cycle.
People are constantly pushing the limits when it comes to the game mechanics, which has led to many people being reported for cheating. This game has created an almost hostile environment because of how intense the playthrough is for each map. Pushing more and more people to camp and play unfairly. What even is the point!?

23 You Have To Be Patient

You can’t really play this game and expect to get far in it if you want to play fast-paced. But if you wait around and hide and camp, you’ll be bullied by everyone in the match. Even though people do the same thing, but it’s different when they place first. Makes sense right? If you’re someone who is looking for a very face paced game where you can take people out left and right and make your way to the top of the gaming charts, this is not the game for you.
You have to be patient and basically camp to find people who stumble across your path.
Because of this being the most popular way to win the game, everyone does it and hardly anyone except new players actually try to play the game as intended. So get ready to wait for 30 minutes straight in a bush or in the corner of a building, we wish you luck!

24 Vehicles Are A Nightmare

Vehicles are just a trap that shouldn’t even exist in the game in the first place. Not only can you hear the old motor from across the map, but you’ll also have to fear people blowing them up when you’re not even close, but it still takes you out! Vehicles are basically what only the noobs use to get around the massive maps. Sure you could probably use one for a few seconds before someone starts shooting at you, but in most cases, it will be a deathtrap because of how loud they are.
Vehicles are the worst thing ever to happen to PUBG, even more so than the frying pan.
Sadly, if you want to get around these huge maps, you’ll probably have a better chance of winning the game if you actually just suck it up and walk. You might even win a game if you pass up on those loud vehicles.

25 You Have To Communicate

Yes, communication, not just an issue you experience when dating, it’s apparently also an issue when playing PUBG. Of course with any FPS game, it’s important to communicate with your team, but generally, if you don’t have a mic, it’s not unreasonable to assume that people will have common sense. If you’re out of luck and actually don’t have a mic to talk to team members, you’ll find that people will most likely just do their own thing without any teamwork whatsoever.
This can make it very pointless to actually play with a team.

No one even tries to at least watch out for each other, which you would think is common sense with or without a mic. Even if you do have a mic, we can’t promise you that people will actually work with you to win the game. Everyone thinks they’re pro, when in reality, they need to have their ego deflated.

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