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Which is the best geography book for UPSC?

Here, I’ll talk about optimum sources required to prepare Geography Optional for UPSC CSE.
Which is the best geography book for UPSC

One should always start with basic NCERTs. Read all the NCERTs from Standard 6th to 12th. Revise them maximum times.
PAPER 1: Physical Geography
  1. Goh Cheng Leong: This book connects human geography and physical geography in a better manner. One should thoroughly read this book. Special attention should be given to diagrams and these diagrams and maps should be practiced.
  2. Physical Geography by Savindra Singh: This is the best book which covers majority portion of geomorphology, climatology, oceanography, and biogeography.
  3. Some of the topics like applied geomorphology, applied climatology are missing in these books. For such topics, make use of the internet extensively. 

PAPER 1: Human Geography
  1. Human Geography by Majid Hussain: Read only specific chapters which are relevant to our syllabus and make notes out of it.
  2. Geographical Thoughts by Majid Hussain: Read only specific chapters and don’t focus on the historical part of geography which is elaborated in this book.
  3. Models in Geography by Majid Hussain: One can read this book cover to cover as all the topics of this book are mentioned in our syllabus.
  4. For the missing topics, one can use the internet and notes by Nitu Singh Madam.
PAPER 2: Indian Geography
  1. Indian Geography by Majid Hussian: This is particularly designed for UPSC aspirants. Nearly all the topics from UPSC syllabus are covered by this book. Also, take help of NCERTs.
  2. India Year Book: Make note of important schemes by the government. Update your databook with the latest information on infrastructure, water resources, etc.
  3. Map Marking: Try to locate the new place you come across on daily basis in atlas [only Indian Places]. Prepare about the importance of that place. One can refer to the booklet for map marking available in the market.
These sources, if done sincerely then it would help you score good marks in optional.
All the best!
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