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What is the difference between a river, a sea and an ocean?

Water bodies are an essential element of the Earth. These water bodies live in colorful shapes, sizes, and locales with varied characteristics. Water bodies also support the day-to-day actuality of humans in different ways, for illustration, humans get the fish from the swell and gutters to eat. The swell and abysses are used for heavy transportation and traveling etc. 

What is the difference between a river, a sea and an ocean

What is an ocean?

Oceans cowl two-third or seventy-two % of the planet surface, that offer the world a glance of blue marble from space. associate ocean could be a large seawater body close the continent. 
The ocean is home to vast aquatic animal species, fishes like crabs, starfish, sharks, whales etc are found in oceans. 

The smallest ocean on the planet is ocean and also the deepest is that the pacific ocean. numerous water movements distinguish the southern ocean or the Antarctic Ocean from the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian ocean. 
The Southern ocean is additionally referred to as the Antarctic Ocean as a result of it covers the world around Antarctica. 
At totally different elements of the world, the temperature of the oceans are different. For example, Icebergs are remodeled terribly cold waters close to the poles, whereas waters round the equator are pretty warm.

What is the sea?

Although there are not {any|aren't any} major variations between a sea and an ocean, a sea is an extension of the ocean partially or all covering close the land. the ocean water is additionally saltwater and it's connected to the ocean.

The dimensions of a sea is smaller than an ocean. The word sea is also wont to denote smaller, partly inland sections of the ocean and bound large, entirely landlocked, water lakes, resembling the Caspian Sea, the North Sea, the Red Sea, and therefore the Dead Sea.

Thesea water contains minerals like salts of magnesium, calcium, and potassium, amongst several different elements, some in minute concentrations.

The ocean could be a supply of food provides for humans, majorly fish, shellfish, mammals and seaweed, whether or not caught by fishermen or farmed underwater.

What is the river?

A watercourse may be a large, flowing water body that merges into an ocean or AN ocean. The tributaries of a river are referred to as streams, creeks, and brooks.

Rivers are a part of the hydrological cycle. The supply of water into rivers is, from precipitation through a drain basin, surface runoff, and alternative sources resembling groundwater recharge, springs, and therefore the unharness of hold on the water in natural ice and snowpacks.

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