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What is the difference between a Metropolitan and Cosmopolitan city?

We often use and listen to the word cosmopolitan town and metropolitan city, does one extremely recognize the that means and also the distinction between a cosmopolitan city and a metropolitan city. If not then there may be a temporary on what's the meaning of a metropolitan city and a cosmopolitan city.

What is the difference between a Metropolitan and Cosmopolitan city

Metropolitan city:

The word Metropolitan is derived from the Greek word metropolitanus that means a citizen of a mother state. A metropolitan space could be a region house to a densely inhabited urban core and its less-populated encompassing territories, sharing industry, infrastructure, and housing.

A metro area sometimes contains multiple jurisdictions and municipalities. As social, economic, and political establishments have changed, metropolitan areas became key economic and political regions.

Majorly metropolitan areas are hosted by one major town corresponding to Paris metropolitan area (Paris) and the New York metropolitan area (New royal family City).

In India, the Census Commission defines the qualification for the metropolitan towns as, the cities having a population of over ten lakhs or a meg and higher than and a Megacity because the cities have a population of more than 10 million and above.

Cosmopolitan City

The cosmopolitan word refers to a person who has lived and traveled in various countries, especially, a person who does not have national prejudices. It also means "sophisticated" or "urbane".

The word Cosmopolitan is derived from the Ancient Greek word, Kosmospolites. Kosmos means the world or universe, which means a citizen or one of a city. In recent times the usage of the word defines citizen of the world.

A cosmopolitan city is that the wherever folks from varied components of the planet live, with totally different languages, cultures and customs live together.

A cosmopolitan city may be understood because the city that hosts people returning from different ethnicities, beliefs, and cultures. this implies that it's accepted by all world cities that are engineered on the muse of the culture coming and creating town great.

A city can be both metropolitan and cosmopolitan

It is possible for a city to be both Metropolitan as well as Cosmopolitan City like for example Mumbai in India or New York in the US, whereas a Metropolitan city may not be a Cosmopolitan like for Example Surat in Gujarat, India.

A cosmopolitan city is a city that has worldwide scope or applicability. Metropolitan City is a city with densely populated people in the urban area.

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